Hyperion Equestrian Centre

Qualifications & Training at Hyperion

BHS Approved Training Centre Apprenticeships offered for 16-18 years.
Programmes run through Bridgwater College.

Candidates must be keen and have some knowledge of horses.
We offer training alongside your BHS exams.
You will be paid according to the Apprentice wage but will be charged for accommodation.
You will have the opportunity to compete and ride a variety of horses.
Please contact Ann, if you are interested, on 07776211292

Hyperion is a BHS "Where to Train" centre - one of only two in Devon. See our Approval Rating here.

All BHS Approved Riding Establishments listed are regularly inspected to ensure they meet high standards of safety, horse welfare and tuition but the BHS "Where to Train" establishments undergo an additional, more rigorous inspection.

We are also an OUTREACH YARD for Bridgwater College and offer training in the industry for HORSE CARE WORK-BASED DIPLOMA LEVEL 1, 2 and 3. Land Based Courses in Horsecare which are {in most cases} fully funded by Bridgwater College for 19 yrs + Students.

We now offer courses for BHS Levels 1,2 and Ride Safe. Details and dates to follow.

WE offer Foreign Students Work Experience as part of their School, University Courses.

These courses are suitable for anyone who wishes to study horse care in the work place rather than attending a full time college course.

You will study a range of topics i.e. horse health, stable management, grassland management, nutrition, health and safety, transportation and effective working relationships, plus an optional unit i.e. exercising and riding, care of the performance horse etc.

These courses are especially good as they are practically based training in the industry. There are no exams at the end of the programme, it is all achieved by assessments and building a portfolio on evidence.

The qualification is built up on Units. Each Unit has been assigned a number of credits to achieve an Award, Certificate or Diploma.

The programme allows you to work at your own pace and courses are full or part-time to suit.

Courses are offered to anyone 14 - 16 years, 16 - 18 years, 19+

We offer excellent practical and theoretical equestrian training with our 12 month practical course which is a practical 'hands-on' course giving invaluable industry experience

The course is available to those students who are willing to work in exchange for tuition. We regard these students as very special people, as they spend at least 12 months as part of the Hyperion Riding Team.

Students may take their BHS examinations throughout their year with us, and would aim to achieve at least their Stage 1, Riding & Road Safety and Stage 2 qualifications by the end of course.

Many of our students are also able to achieve Stage 3, but this may depend on their previous experience before coming to train with us.

All students also train towards their Preliminary Teaching Test and are able to take this too providing they are old enough during their time with us.