Demonstration model

Skip information - go straight to the Control Panel

The second part of the Reservation Auto-Mate demonstration shows you what YOU will see on YOUR desktop

This is your Control Panel, from which you can navigate to use View, Insert and Update facilities to examine all the data that you, or your clients, have put into the database.

So... where is the booking you have just made?
Until the deposit cheque has reached you, the booking is only provisional. Whether it has been made via the website or whether you have used Insert Booking to record a postal or phone booking, the provisional booking is in the Pending file.

Click on Pending in the Admin column and you will find your booking. Click View Availability and you will find the booking in the calendar - bracketed to indicate a provisional booking - meaning that date for that room cannot be double booked.

Assume the deposit cheque has arrived and click Transfer to move the details into the database and make it a firm booking. Now the booking in the calendar has lost its brackets.

Navigate around these pages to find out what the system will do for you.
Try inserting bookings, updating information, changing your tariff, deleting information (Read the Delete instructions carefully!).

Try View Bookings and then use the Print option at the right hand end to view how your invoices and receipts will be presented and printed.

Check the Late Deposits table (flagged on the Control Panel because there IS a late deposit left there for you to see the system). Insert YOUR email address in the email box to receive the form email sent to clients.

Have fun!

...and remember - all features of Reservation Auto-Mate can be tailored to your exact specifications.


Click here for the Control Panel facility