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Reservation Auto-Mate will do all this for you:

  • A rolling 365 day booking schedule - updates daily to today's date
  • Allows bookings by phone, post, email and on-line
  • Prevents double booking
  • Shows room availability at a glance
  • Enables YOU to allocate rooms
  • Automatic email acknowledgement of bookings
  • Automatic email reminders of late deposits
  • Email alert delivered to your inbox when an online booking is made
  • Tariff changes made easy
  • Full update and cancellation facilities
  • Full records of clients, addresses and bookings contained in a database
  • Invoices and receipts accurately and immediately generated and printed

Every application of Reservation Auto-Mate is individually tailored to the needs and exact specifications of the client.

Your company logo is replicated at the head of each page - and on the invoices and receipts.

The number of rooms and whether they are single, double or family, the tariff applicable to rooms and times of year, the amount of deposit required with each booking are all arranged to suit each establishment.


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